About the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on pancreatic cancer


The All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on pancreatic cancer was established  in 2012, by a leading group of parliamentarians with an interest in making a difference for pancreatic cancer. An All-Party Parliamentary Group is primarily an interest group and provides a forum for MPs and Peers to meet and interact with stakeholders, to share ideas about issues and discuss ways to change the political landscape for the subject they are concerned with. The APPG provides an excellent forum for keeping pancreatic cancer high on the political agenda, for example through debates and oral and written questions.

Pancreatic Cancer UK plays an important role by acting as the secretariat for the APPG. The Group is also supported by a range of other interested stakeholders including Pancreatic Cancer Action, Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund, NETS Patient Foundation and the Pancreatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland.

In 2017 the APPG on Pancreatic Cancer published a report on the importance of earlier diagnosis, called The Need For Speed which can be read here. Additional key reports can be can be found in our reports section.

Download the APPG 2017 report - Need for Speed


The APPG is made up of Members of all political parties from both the House of Commons and the House of Lords. We also have external, non-parliamentary members. A full list of active members can be downloaded here. The Group’s Officer Team, elected at the AGM on 17th July 2017 is:

APPG Chair

Nic Dakin MP

Vice Chair

Lord Aberdare

Vice Chair

Baroness Morgan

Vice Chair

Nick Thomas-Symonds MP

Vice Chair

Lord Patel

Vice Chair

Lord Porter of Spalding

Latest News and Updates

Pancreatic Cancer UK

provides the Secretariat to the APPG on Pancreatic Cancer

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