The APPG Inquiry heard evidence from Cancer Research UK’s Strategy Director, Nick Grant, and Jeff Evans, Professor of Translational Research at Cancer Research UK’s Beatson Institute in Glasgow.

Nick Grant explained Cancer Research UK’s new Research Strategy in more detail, setting out how they would seek to double or treble funding into pancreatic cancer research over the next five years. He emphasised the need to improve quality as well as quantity of research and explained how the various CR UK institutes were working to prioritise pancreatic cancer research in future. Nick also spoke about streamlining bureaucracy and speeding up access to clinical trials in the UK and ensuring that more new research talent was recruited into the pancreatic cancer field.

Professor Evans started by saying there was a good pool of talented researchers in the UK, together with leading institutes, that can be built on to deliver quality research. He told the committee earlier diagnostic and screening tools were needed and that more research into presentation symptoms would be helpful. Professor Evans also highlighted the need for a joined up approach to research throughout the health service in the UK, for example by ensuring that biopsies are taken and then made available for clinical research as quickly as possible.

A full transcript of the meeting is available here.

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