Evidence was taken frrom the following witnesses:

Mr Chris Carrigan- Director of the National Cancer Intelligence Network and Director of Information Services, Public Health England.

Dr Andrew Millar – Pathway Director for hepato-pancreatic-biliary (HPB) cancer, London Cancer

Mr Satvinder Mudan – Consultant Surgeon and Surgical Oncologist, The Royal Marsden, Chair of the Hepato-pancreatic-bilary Pathway Group at the London Cancer Alliance.

The APPG heard of the importance of good data collection. The NCIN is leading the world in terms of gathering data quickly and making it available – we now need to make sure it is being used to advance research across the country. Need data to flow from clinical practice quikly and easily – this will make it easier to recruit to and conduct clinical trials.

Following evidence given in previous sessions, Members were told that the NHS needs to integrate research into all its activities – a change of culture is required. And, again, Members heard how there is a low level of research funding compare to other cancer types, and how it is difficult to attract commercial funding into research because that money generally goes towards cancers deemed more “treatable.”

London Cancer made the case for better and faster access to diagnostic teams. Research was needed into the best models and a multi-disciplinary diagnostic centre would be trialled in the capital very soon.

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