The All Party Parliamentary Group on Pancreatic Cancer has announced meeting dates for oral evidence sessions to be held as part of its inquiry into early diagnosis. The inquiry will build upon our prior, Pancreatic Cancer Research: A roadmap to change and Time to Change the Story: A plan of action for pancreatic cancer.

The first session of the inquiry will be held on Tuesday 24th January from 10am to 12pm in Committee Room 7, Palace of Westminster.

We will hear from:

  • Dr Rosie Loftus, Joint Chief Medical Officer, Macmillan
  • Maggie Blanks, Chief Executive, Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund
  • Dr Donna Chung, ACE Wave 2 Multidisciplinary Centre (MDC), Programme Manager and Clinical Information
  • Dr Andrew Millar, Lead at University College London Hospitals’ ACE MDC for vague symptoms
  • Dr Eithne Costello, University of Liverpool, diabetes and pancreatic cancer research
  • Dr Bill Greenhalf, Liverpool Centre of EUROPAC

The second session of the inquiry will take place on Monday 6th February from 12pm to 2pm in Committee Room 8, Palace of Westminster.

Giving evidence will be:

  • Professor Steve Pereira, UCHL, researcher into biomarkers for detecting pancreatic cancer
  • Alex Ford, Chief Executive, Pancreatic Cancer UK
  • Mr Satvinder Mudan, Consultant Surgeon, Royal Marsden Gastrointestinal Unit
  • Diane Dobson, Pancreatic Cancer Nurse Specialist, Pancreatic Cancer UK
  • Julia Hippisley-Cox, Professor of Clinical Epidemiology & General Practice, University of Nottingham
  • Sara Bainbridge, Policy Manager, Cancer Research UK

A third evidence session will be held on Tuesday 21st February from 13:00 – 15:00 in Committee Room 8, Palace of Westminster. We will hear evidence from professional bodies as well as patients and people impacted by pancreatic cancer. The panel will include:

  • Professor Andrew Hart, Chair, British Society for Gastroenterology Pancreatic Cancer Section Committee; Former President, Pancreatic Cancer Society of Great Britain and Ireland
  • Ali Stunt, Chief Executive and Founder, Pancreatic Cancer Action
  • Patient and carer representatives

A fourth evidence session will be held on Wednesday 22nd February from 09:00 – 11:00 in Committee Room 17, Palace of Westminster. 

Attendees will hear from:

  • Professor Hamilton, University of Exeter, Decision Aid Tool
  • Mr Derek O’Reilly, Manchester Cancer Jaundice Pathway
  • Mr Keith Roberts, Consultant Hepatobiliary and Pancreas Surgeon, University Hospitals Birmingham, fast track pathway to surgery
  • Mr Tom O’Rourke, Surgeon, specialising in laparoscopic, general and hepatobiliary surgery, Princess Alexandra Hospital, Queensland, Australia

Session 5, 22nd February, 1pm, Committee Room 17, Palace of Westminster 

  • Professor Chris Harrison, National Clinical Director for Cancer, NHS England
  • Tim Elliott, Senior Policy Advisor for Cancer, Acute Care and Provider Policy, Department of Health
  • Dr Helen Campbell, Portfolio Manager, Research Networks, Cancer Research, and Clinical Research Facilities, Department of Health

As part of the inquiry, we are also collecting written evidence from a range of stakeholders including patients, carers, family members, clinicians, researchers, charities, policy makers and others.

To respond to the inquiry consultation, please see the Terms of Reference for further background to the inquiry, questions for stakeholders and a guide for written submissions.

The deadline for written submissions has been extended to Friday 27th February 2017.

Please send your written submissions to with the subject “Pancreatic Cancer APPG Early Diagnosis Inquiry”.

If you would like any further information, please contact the APPG Secretariat at

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