Further action needed to improve treatment, care and outcomes for pancreatic cancer patients

New report considers what progress has been made on implementing the recommendations of the APPG’s 2013 and 2014 inquiries

The APPG on Pancreatic Cancer has today published a follow-up report looking at which of the APPG’s recommendations have been implemented, where progress has been made, and where further action is required .

The report, “Pancreatic Cancer Care and Research: A health check” calls for the close monitoring of policies that meet the APPG’s recommendations to ensure the full potential for positive change is realised, as well as for the implementation of those recommendations not met.



 Parliamentary Members in attendance:

Nic Dakin MP (Chair); Stuart Andrew MP; Karen Lumley MP; Sheryll Murray MP; Margaret Ritchie MP; Mark Durkan MP; Nick Thomas-Symonds MP; Richard Benyon MP; Lord Aberdare; Lady Sylvia Hermon MP.


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Minutes of the APPG meeting of 11th March, 8.30am, with Professor Dame Sally Powell

Members in Attendance:

Eric Ollerenshaw MP (Chair)
Nic Dakin MP
Lord Aberdare
Stuart Anfrew MP
Mark Durkan MP
Pauline Latham MP

External stakeholders present:

Professor Nigel Heaton, Kings College Hospital; Dr Andrew Hart, President of the Pancreatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland (PanSoc); John Lancaster, Patient representative on NHS England’s HPB Clinical Reference Group; Maggie Blanks, CEO of Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund; Ali Stunt, CEO of Pancreatic Cancer Action; Clara Mackay, CEO of Pancreatic Cancer UK; David Park, Head of Campaigns and Policy, Pancreatic Cancer UK.


Action needed to break the vicious circle holding back pancreatic cancer research in the UK

New Inquiry highlights key reasons why research into pancreatic cancer remains critically underfunded and unpopular

A parliamentary Inquiry looking at pancreatic cancer research has set out a series of compelling recommendations aimed at improving the levels of funding in the UK for this disease, whilst also seeking to significantly grow the UK’s pancreatic cancer research community.

The publication of the much anticipated report, Pancreatic Cancer Research: a Roadmap to Change from The All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Pancreatic Cancer calls for a new approach to attracting inspiring scientists into this field.


Evidence was taken frrom the following witnesses:

Mr Chris Carrigan- Director of the National Cancer Intelligence Network and Director of Information Services, Public Health England.

Dr Andrew Millar – Pathway Director for hepato-pancreatic-biliary (HPB) cancer, London Cancer

Mr Satvinder Mudan – Consultant Surgeon and Surgical Oncologist, The Royal Marsden, Chair of the Hepato-pancreatic-bilary Pathway Group at the London Cancer Alliance.


The APPG Inquiry heard evidence from Cancer Research UK’s Strategy Director, Nick Grant, and Jeff Evans, Professor of Translational Research at Cancer Research UK’s Beatson Institute in Glasgow.

Nick Grant explained Cancer Research UK’s new Research Strategy in more detail, setting out how they would seek to double or treble funding into pancreatic cancer research over the next five years. He emphasised the need to improve quality as well as quantity of research and explained how the various CR UK institutes were working to prioritise pancreatic cancer research in future. Nick also spoke about streamlining bureaucracy and speeding up access to clinical trials in the UK and ensuring that more new research talent was recruited into the pancreatic cancer field.


The APPG, Chaired by Eric Ollerenshaw MP, took evidence from a variety of witnesses about the barriers to more effective pancreatic cancer research in the UK.

Professor Duncan Jodrell, of the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute, who is Professor of Cancer Therapeutics at the University of Cambridge. Professor Jodrell is also part of the US pancreatic cancer ‘Dream Team’ announced last year.

Professor Andrew Biankin, Director of the Wolfson Wohl Cancer Research Institute at the University of Glasgow, where he is also Professor of Surgery.

Barbara McLaughlan, Head of External Affairs, Oncology, and Ali Rees, Clinical Development Advisor, both of Novartis Pharmaceuticals UK Limited.

Dr Diana Tait, Vice President and Dean of Faculty of Clinical Oncology, Royal College of Radiologists.


The APPG, Chaired by Eric Ollerenshaw OBE MP, began its Inquiry into pancreatic cancer research by taking evidence from pancreatic cancer researchers and the three pancreatic cancer charities – Pancreatic Cancer Action, Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund and Pancreatic Cancer UK.