Further action needed to improve treatment, care and outcomes for pancreatic cancer patients

New report considers what progress has been made on implementing the recommendations of the APPG’s 2013 and 2014 inquiries

The APPG on Pancreatic Cancer has today published a follow-up report looking at which of the APPG’s recommendations have been implemented, where progress has been made, and where further action is required .

The report, “Pancreatic Cancer Care and Research: A health check” calls for the close monitoring of policies that meet the APPG’s recommendations to ensure the full potential for positive change is realised, as well as for the implementation of those recommendations not met.

In particular, it welcomes the development of a Clinical Guideline and Quality Standard for pancreatic cancer and the Government’s support for the Cancer Strategy, which includes measures aimed at improving early diagnosis.

However, it is of concern that little progress has been made on embedding a “culture of research” into the NHS, as recommended by the report of the 2014 inquiry “Pancreatic Cancer Research: A roadmap to change”. It is also worrying that pancreatic cancer patients continue to face a persistent lack of access to new treatments, demonstrated most starkly through the removal of life-extending drug Abraxane from the Cancer Drugs Fund list and NICE’s subsequent decision not to recommend the drug for use on the NHS.

Read the full report: Pancreatic Cancer Care and Research – A health check.

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